Teaching Position

For Summer 2024 & Fall Season 2024/2025

We are a thriving dance studio with two locations in Brooklin, Whitby, ON. Our studio is dedicated to providing exceptional dance education and fostering a love for dance among our students. With a passionate team and a commitment to excellence, we strive to create a positive and inspiring environment for dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Position: Saturday Recreational Dance Instructor for Ages Newly Walking – 8yrs in a variety of styles.

Location: 5959 Anderson St, Brooklin and 58 Baldwin St, Brooklin

Responsibilities: As an instructor at our dance studio, you will be responsible for properly planning and preparing for your dance classes, using appropriate music, preparing your dancers for a winter in studio show and final year end performance at a local theatre. Picking costumes, and creating a theme for each routine. Communicating effectively with the office, and being a team player in our community. Your contributions will play a key role in ensuring the success and growth of our studio. We measure success in this role by our students leaving each class feeling empowered.

Requirements: To excel in this role, we are seeking individuals who align with our studio’s values and possess the following qualifications:

• Passion for dance and a genuine interest in nurturing students’ love for the art form.

• Certifications : ADAPT, Alexia Flexibility, Acrobatic Arts, BATD, RAD etc or willing to get them

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with students, parents, and fellow staff members.

•Ability to choose age appropriate music, themes and costumes

Shared Values: At our dance studio, we believe in fostering an environment rooted in the following core values:

Belief : We are dedicated to the growth and development of our students, both as dancers and individuals, and instilling in them the belief they can achieve anything they set their minds too.

Collaboration: We value teamwork, open communication, and collaborative problem-solving to create a supportive studio community.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all aspects of our studio, from teaching and performances to customer service and studio operations.

Lifelong Learning: We embrace a culture of continuous learning and personal growth for ourselves and our students.

We are always striving to provide an environment where dancers feel inspired, empowered and believed in. 

Pay : Competitive salary will be negotiated during interview process

Hiring Process: We believe in a thorough and fair hiring process to ensure the best fit for both the candidate and our studio. Our hiring process typically includes:

Application: Please submit your bio, resume, and any video to [email protected]

Initial Interview: Selected candidates will be invited for an initial interview to discuss their qualifications and alignment with our studio’s values.

Skill Assessment: Selected candidates will then be asked to guest teaching a current class at WDC.

Job Offer: A job offer will be extended to the successful candidate, followed by a formal contract upon acceptance.

We value every applicant’s time and commitment throughout the hiring process. Regardless of the outcome, we strive to provide timely communication to all applicants.

Thank you for considering joining our dance studio team. We look forward to reviewing your application and exploring the potential of having you contribute to our studio’s success!

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