What is the Future Teacher Program?

Our Future Teacher Program is for dancers interested in assisting with our younger dance classes to gain a better understanding into the world of dance education. Assistants are an important part of our program.  They help with the flow of the dance class, assist students when needed, bring children to the restroom if a parent is not present in the waiting room, help guide students during class, give fun reinforcements of correct dance steps and offer a role model for younger students.  They often help hand out props and rewards such as stamps or coloring sheets at the end of class. They must provide any other additional assistance that helps with the dance class. 

How do I join the program?

Dancers must complete a Future Teacher Application first (Found at the bottom of this page). Future teachers must complete a Mandatory 1 hour training session.  Each year we will select a limited amount of students who have the qualities necessary to be a successful teaching assistant.  They must have the maturity and disposition to deal with children in a busy dance class.  They must have reached an acceptable level of efficiency in their own dance training. They must be good role models. They must use their voice when appropriate in the classroom.  Being an assistant in the past does not guarantee that you will automatically be an assistant again.  Assistants must work to their fullest potential and show growth and maturity in order to continue with the program.


1.  A Commitment to our program from September thru our performance & photo days

2. You must arrive to your scheduled class at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class. You will assist in class set–up as, putting mats out for Acro classes, stretching with students or lining them up at the barre or outside of the door so that they are ready to come into class. After class you will need to help with putting away props, overseeing children as they get to their parents.

3. You must wear proper dance clothes. All Black attire with your WDC FTP T-Shirt. You must have the appropriate shoes for the technique you are assisting. Hair must be in a bun for ballet classes and at least pulled up for other classes.

4. During the class, take your cue from the teacher. Overtime, you will be asked to take on as much responsibility as you are comfortable with. Initially, you will need to set the children at the barre or in lines, help with corrections and remind them to listen. Younger dancers will need help using the bathroom. You might be asked to help them and get them right back into the classroom. Be sure they wash their hands. You will need to help students change their shoes. Eventually you may be asked to teach a portion of the class on your own or to fill in if the teacher is pulled away momentarily or if she needs to work with a student individually.

5. You will need to know your students names. You should be able to correct or encourage them using their name.

6. You are NOT responsible for speaking to parents with any questions they may have about their child’s ability or progress in the class. These types of questions should be directed to the teacher.

7. Teacher Assistants will need to know their classes’ choreography. They will need to assist with rehearsals for our show in June. The day of the performance they will need to help line dancers up in the wings.

8. Attendance is essential part of this program. If you must miss a class that you are scheduled to assist with you are to notify the office by either calling 905-655-8282 or email [email protected]. You will also need to secure an equivalent substitute for your class.

9. Teacher Assistants should love being with kids and must love dance. It has been our experience that children love their assistant and look up to them with admiration.

Compensation for Teacher Assistants

First year assistants (12-13yrs) are in the learning stages of how the classes are run and are learning what is expected of them.  In this apprentice situation the student may only be expected to help with one class per week and no monetary compensation is given.

Second year assistants (14-15yrs) will be compensated in student volunteer hours that are needed to graduate High School.

Third year assistants and on (15-17yrs) will then be paid.  Students are expected to send in an invoice with hours to be paid on the 1st & 15th of the month. The amount a Future Teacher will be paid will be determined by their age and level of help that they have provided in previous years.


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