Class Descriptions


Ballet is the foundation to all dance styles. It focuses on proper technique, body alignment, positions, and terminology. The dancer will gain strength, body awareness and grace.


This upbeat class teaches students the fundamentals of jazz technique. Focusing on kicks, turns, jumps, flexibility and different dance combinations. This class focuses on centre work and across the floor training.


Focusing on footwork, rhythm and coordination. This is a very energetic class that also helps to improve musicality. Executing expression through the sounds of our feet.

Munchkin Movement

Introduces young dancers to the art of music and movement. They will learn basic steps through a structured class filled with imagination, fun and repetition. This class allows students to learn musicality, improve coordination and gain self confidence.

Lyrical / Contemporary

Blending the fundamentals of ballet and jazz technique and feeling from these two styles is what creates this dance. Using our inner emotions to connect to the lyrics and tell a deep meaningful story through body and facial expressions.

Stretch & Strengthen

This class is focused exclusively on improving ones strength and flexibility. Helping to build core and full body strength through different exercises, in combination with stretching. This is a great class to help one improve in all different forms of dance. 

Hip Hop

This is a very fun and upbeat free styled class. Great for any age and skill set. Students will learn hip-hop moves and combinations while dancing to age appropriate music. This class helps to improve fitness level, personal style and self confidence!


Elements of gymnastics are used in conjunction with jazz or lyrical dance styles. Students will be focusing on flexibility, control and execution of different tricks, balancing positions, and tumbling.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre classes are a combination of theatre, dance and drama! Focusing on acting out the story through movement, body language and facial expressions. Great for letting your personality shine!

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