WDC Student Code Of Conduct

The goal of the Whitby Dance Student & Family Member Code of Conduct is to help students, teachers and families create an environment that is supportive, encouraging and promotes growth and learning. At Whitby Dance Company, clear and reasonable rules are fairly and consistently implemented.

Studio Etiquette:

Dancers are expected to arrive on time, dressed in uniform and prepared for class. Food should be left in the lobby (except with permission or for special events) and no gum. Water bottles are allowed. The studio is a peanut and nut-free environment. Dancers should leave outdoor shoes in provided cubbies and not wear them into the studio. The studio is not responsible for lost property and dancers and family members should leave valuables at home.

Cellphone & Technology:

Cell phones or other devices are not permitted in the dance studios, unless specific permission has been given by the teacher to use the device to record class work.

Respect For Others:

Creating a welcoming and positive community is important to us so we can ensure all dancers and their family members are respected and their individuality celebrated. A culture of respect and acknowledgement is key at Whitby Dance Company. Dancers and their family members are asked to conduct themselves in a way that promotes respect and encourages others to be their best self. Students and their family members should be courteous and act in a matter that does not interfere with anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the studio.

Bullying, Discrimination and Exclusion:

Bullying, discrimination and exclusion will not be tolerated at Whitby Dance Company. Any actions (verbal, physical or written) that are perceived as intimidating, hostile or disparaging are strictly forbidden. This includes behavior inside the studio, online and outside the physical space but involving members of the Whitby Dance community.

Group dynamics and inappropriate behaviour will be addressed by the staff as best as possible and parents/families will be involved when necessary. Students & their family members that choose to not follow the studio code of conduct may be removed from the studio.

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