2021-2022 Class Schedule

Our 2021/2022 dance season runs from September 13th, 2021-May 29th, 2022.
– All classes have a maximum of 10 students following social distancing guidelines. 
– Your dancer will be placed by both age and ability, age placement is determined by the participant’s age as of September 1st, 2021.
– Please email info@whitbydance.com with any questions regarding appropriate placement for your dancer.

Visit our attire page, for more information on your dancers requirements. Please note: Classes are subject to change.



Studio A – Ms. Brittany Studio B – Ms. Kelly
5-5:50pm – Mini Acro Level 2 (5-7yrs) *FULL*
6-6:50pm – Jr. Acro Level 2 (8-10yrs)
7-7:50pm – Int. Acro Level 2 (11-12yrs)
8-8:50pm – Sr. Acro Level 1/2 (13+yrs)
5-5:45pm – Munchkin Movement 1/2 (3-4yrs) *FULL*
6-6:50pm – RAD Primary Ballet (6-7yrs) *1 SPOT LEFT*
7-7:50pm – RAD Grade 2 Ballet (8-10yrs)
8-8:50pm – RAD Grade 4 Ballet (10-13yrs) *2 SPOTS LEFT*
9-9:50pm – RAD Teen Ballet (14+yrs)


Studio A – Ms. Madison Studio B – Ms. Anjelica
5-5:50pm – Mini Acro Level 1 (5-7yrs) *FULL*
6-6:50pm – Int. Acro Level 1 (11-12yrs)
7-7:50pm – Jr. Acro Level 1 (8-10yrs)
8-8:50pm – Int. Lyrical (11-12yrs)
5-5:50pm – Jr. Tap (8-10yrs)                                            
6-6:50pm – Jr. Jazz (8-10yrs)                                                              
7-8:30pm – Competitive Company B Tap                                                         


Studio A – Ms. Madison Studio B – Mr. Jonard
5-5:50pm – Jr. Musical Theatre (8-10yrs) 
6-6:50pm – Mini Musical Theatre (5-7yrs) *FULL*
7-7:50pm – Int/Sr. Musical Theatre (11+yrs) *5 SPOTS LEFT*
8-9:30pm – Sr. Jazz/Lyrical (13+yrs) *5 SPOTS LEFT*
5-5:50pm – Mini Hip Hop (5-7yrs) *FULL* 
6-6:50pm – Jr. Hip Hop (8-10yrs) *1 SPOT LEFT*
7-7:50pm – Sr. Hip Hop (13+yrs) 
8-8:50pm – Int. Hip Hop (11-12yrs)*1 SPOT LEFT* 


Studio A – Ms. Samantha Studio B – Ms. Anjelica
5-6pm – Competitive Company B Jazz
6-7pm – Competitive Company B Lyrical
5-6pm – Mini Jazz/Tap (5-7yrs) *FULL*
6:10-7pm – Sr. Tap (13+yrs)
7:10-8pm – Int. Tap (11-12yrs)
8:10-9pm –  Int. Jazz (11-12yrs)


Studio A – Mr. Cristian Studio B – Ms. Cassie
5-5:50pm – Jr. Advanced Ballet (8-10yrs)
*Min. 3 years ballet experience
6-6:50pm – Int. Advanced Ballet (11-12yrs) 
*Technique class only, Min. 3 years ballet experience *5 SPOTS LEFT*
7-8:30pm – Sr. Advanced Ballet/Pointe (13+yrs)
*Min. 3 years ballet experience
8:40-9:30pm – Sr. Stretch & Strengthen (13+yrs)
5-5:50pm – Int. Stretch & Strengthen (11-12yrs) *2 SPOTS LEFT*
6-6:50pm – Jr. Stretch & Strengthen (8-10yrs)


Studio A – Ms. Kelly Studio B – Ms. Anjelica
9-9:45am – Munchkin Movement 1 (2.5-3yrs)
10-10:45am – Munchkin Movement 2 (4yrs) *1 SPOT LEFT*
11-11:50am – RAD Pre-Primary Ballet (5-6yrs)
12-12:50pm – RAD Grade 4 Ballet (10-13yrs)  
1-1:50pm – RAD Primary Ballet (6-7yrs)  
2-2:50pm – RAD Grade 1 Ballet (7-9yrs)
3-3:50pm – RAD Grade 2 Ballet (8-10yrs)   
9-9:45am – Parent & Tot (newly walking-2yrs)  *6 week session beginning October 2nd* 
10-10:45am – Munchkin Movement 1 (2.5-3yrs) *FULL*
11am-12pm – Mini Jazz/Tap (5-7yrs)
12:15-1:45pm – Mini Combo – Ballet, Jazz, Tap (5-7yrs) *FULL*


Studio A – Ms. Madison Studio B
9-9:45am – Munchkin Acro (4-5yrs)
10-11am – Munchkin Jazz/Tap (4-5yrs) 
11:10am-12pm – Mini Jazz (5-7yrs)
12:10-1pm – Mini Tap (5-7yrs)

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